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Alyson B.

I asked Ian if I could write a reference for him because I saw he was growing his fitness business and he had changed my life - I want as many people as possible to have the same experience. I’d recommend him hands down to anyone looking to start, continue or resume their fitness journey. I started working with Ian when my twins turned two. I was in the worst shape of my life. I used to run a lot and do some strength training (poorly). Since having kids, I had stopped all forms of exercise. Working with Ian just once per week and once or twice on my own using what I had learned from him, in about 3-4 weeks I felt I was in the best shape of my life.  My husband could not believe how fast the results were. Ian focused on achieving almost flawless form while completing exercises, and something about this had a magical effect on results - they were faster and better than I could have imagined. Workouts were less than an hour and achieved significantly more than the 2 hour workouts of my early 20s. All my back, neck and joint pains disappeared. I was stronger, and able to complete every day tasks as well as endurance sports better than I ever could when just doing cardio (my focus in my 20s and early 30s.) I learned so much from Ian, and admired his professionalism and depth of knowledge. He’s also fun to hang out with - a bonus to get you motivated to get to the gym. I worked with Ian for about a year before forcing myself to do the work on my own, and still to this day hear his corrections in my head when doing various strength work. Last year, my husband started working with Ian once a week. He only worked out once a week - with Ian - and had more muscle than he’d ever had in his life. I was astonished at his results from working out literally once per week. Again, Ian has the magic touch and something about his strategy and form coaching works wonders. In an effort to get himself working out more often than his once a week sessions with Ian, my husband has since switched to a group cardio/strength format a couple times a week, which he is motivated to show up for, but he has lost a significant amount of muscle (don’t tell him that.) If he could have continued with Ian, and also incorporated the cardio he enjoys, that would probably be the perfect solution. I highly recommend Ian to anyone ready to commit; you will get significantly more out of your time and money than if you try to go it alone. Ian will set you up to be able to sustain your results on your own in whatever time period you are able to commit to formal training. Thanks so much for everything Ian, I really respect what you do and am so thankful to have crossed paths with you at the exact time I needed you in my life journey.  - Alyson B 

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